Our Practice

Dr Janine Arnold’s practice relocated to 43 Queen Street, Bendigo at the start of 2019.

Dr Arnold spends most of her time in Bendigo, but performs outreach to Rochester and Castlemaine, as well at performing Bariatric Surgery at Warringal Private Hospital.

We provide both public and private General Surgery services to the Central Victoria region.

We also provide private weight loss surgery.  We work closely with dieticians, counsellors/psychologists and exercise physicians to provide holistic assistance to our clients to give them the best possible chance of being successful in their improved health and weight loss goals. We are excited to be working closely with Warringal Private to provide superior hospital care to our bariatric patients for their main procedure. Unfortuantely there is not currently any hospitals in Bendigo in a position to provide this service. Dr Janine Arnold is currently offering Gastric Sleeve surgery and she is in the process of gaining accreditation for Gastric Bypass surgery.

Our Practice is focused on steady and sustainable growth to provide a much-needed bariatric specific healthcare service to the Central Victorian region including weight loss and general surgery services, dietetic services, psychological services and other services as deemed necessary.

We currently have a Bariatric General Practitioner and a Dietitian consulting from our rooms and look forward to continuing to expand and offer more services to patients.