Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dr Arnold see public patients in her private rooms, however there is a fee associated with this. She also consults out of the Bendigo Health Clinic which is bulk billed. You will need to get your GP to send your referral to the Bendigo Health Clinic if you do not want to pay for your appointment. Dr Arnold operates on public patients at Castlemaine Health and Bendigo Health, all procedures are bulk billed and do not incur out of pocket expenses.

All of Dr Arnold’s general surgical procedures are either no gap or known gap procedures. Private procedures related to bariatric (weight loss) surgery are not able to be billed using the known gap system. These procedures must be paid for in full to the practice prior to your operation. You will then be sent an invoice after your operation which you can use to claim your refund amount directly from your health fund.

Yes, Dr Janine Arnold accepts self-funding patients for all procedures, however she discourages this for bariatric (weight loss) procedures except where extenuating circumstances warrant it. We will process your Medicare claim for you using their online claiming process.

No, Dr Arnold operates on patients in Castlemaine but they will need to travel to Bendigo for their initial and follow up consultations.

No, Dr Arnold is in the process of arranging public bariatric (weight loss) surgery at Bendigo Health but does not currently operate on public patients.

Yes, Dr Janine Arnold will not operate on a patient if they have not first seen the psychologist or counsellor and dietician she has referred them to. Dr Arnold will assess whether you need to see the psychologist or counsellor and send your referral as appropriate. Not all dieticians and psychologist have the training required for assisting patients undergoing bariatric (weight loss) surgery so it is important that you see them. If you wish to see a different psychologist, counsellor or dietician please ensure you discuss this with Dr Arnold first.